Fluvial Geomorphology

Geomorphic Analysis - Reading the Landscape

Module 1: Geomorphic Analysis - Reading the Landscape


Why we’re covering it

This introductory chapter introduces the organizing framework for how we will approach studying fluvial geomorphology - geomorphic analysis. Another phrase for geomorphic analysis is reading the landscape, and in our case of fluvial geomorphic analysis, we will focus on *reading riverscapes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Confidently read any riverscape and be able to map its core characteristics.


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Corresponding Chapter in Course Text

From: Fryirs KA, Brierley GA. 2013. Geomorphic Analysis of River Systems: An Approach to Reading the Landscape, First Edition. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.: Chichester, U.K.

This module focus on: CHAPTER ONE: Geomorphic analysis of river systems: an approach to reading the landscape

Relevant or Cited Literature

Follow up selected readings suggested by Fryris and Brierley (2013) are provided for every chapter in page 328-334 of the text book.

Other Resources

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