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We want to advance the science of riverscape health and the practice of restoration to reverse the global degradation of riverscapes.

Our approach is to connect with people assessing, planning, implementing, and monitoring restoration activities and help them in their work to improve riverscapes. We believe that by providing people with shared tools, common data, and transparent standards, we can collectively be more effective in achieving riverscape health

The RC actively supports model and tool developers and consumers of tool outputs so that riverscape research can reach audiences who can make use of such work. We want to make it simpler for model developers to have an increased impact and reach broader audiences by providing applications that make it easier to disseminate, consume and leverage the outputs of riverscape-compliant models. As a result, our community of contributors helps to make riverscape science scalable and accessible to more people.

Guided by principles of findability, accessibility, interoperability, and reuse (FAIR) of digital assets, we have developed innovative tools that allow researchers, professionals, practitioners and students to apply FAIR concepts to studying or managing riverscapes in their community.

Riverscapes Applications

We have developed several applications that we, as riverscapes researchers, found were missing.

  • Riverscapes Data Exchange - The RC Data Exchange is a free portal where riverscape practitioners can exchange data related to riverscapes. Our goal is to make it easier to discover, share and retrieve the data related to riverscapes health.

  • Riverscapes Viewer - Web and Desktop applications for speeding up the visualization of geospatial data related to riverscapes health. These applications incorporate curated cartography to speed up the repetitive task of creating maps using consistent, relevant symbolization each and every time.

  • Phlux - The fastest, cheapest way to monitor riverscapes health is to capture repeat photography over time. Phlux helps crowd source repeat photography in an easy to use mobile application that works offline.

  • Riverscapes Studio - Capture your own riverscapes by digitizing them in desktop GIS. Riverscapes Studio automates the most common template layers, along with all the attributes you need. You can then analyze the features to compute common riverscapes health metrics over time to track the trajectory of your riverscape health.

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Explore our RC Applications to help you and your audiences get engaged and learn more about your riverscapes.

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