matBRAT - Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (Matlab based - version 1 to 2.03)

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5. Potential Conflict Layer Processing

Task 1: Code Land Ownership Layer & Convert to Raster

Land Ownership Code Lookup Table

(1) Conservation Emphasis Land

Includes: Conservation Areas, Division of Natural Resources, National Park, National Historic Site,National Monument, National Wildlife Refuge/National Wildlife Reserve, Primitive Area, US Fish and Wildlife, Wilderness, Wildlife Management Area.

(2) Federal or State Land

Includes: Bureau of Indian Affairs/ Indian Reservation, BLM, BOR/Reclamation , County, State, State Sovereign Land, State Trust Land, US Forest Service, National Recreation Area, Parks and Recreation.

(3) Private land

(1) Conversation Emphasis Land

Includes: Riparian, No Land Use, and Open Water

(2) Agricultural

Include: Irrigated, Non Irrigated, Naturally Irrigated

(3) Urban

##Task 3: Generating Euclidean Distance Potential Conflict Rasters


The output raster of canals should looks something like this (the UDWR Regions are shown for scale):


Remember to repeat this step for each of the potential conflict layers that you have captured.

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