Riverscapes Toolbar QGIS Plugin

Plugin Anatomy

The riverscapes viewer is organized into 3 panels or tabs

Repository Tab


  • Local Only: Only show local data. Do not call out to the repo.
  • Show hidden projects: This is useful if you want to create a directory structure to put a new project in. This option will show you where every possible project could go and give you right-click options to create a path to that folder.
  • Reload: Invalidate the cache and re-fetch all project status information from the repository

Project Tab


  • Load: Load a project from anywhere (even outside the riverscapes folder)

Transfers Tab

Notes about uploading and downloading:

  • You must click start (for now) to kick off queue processing.
  • When you pause the queue it will complete whatever file it’s working on before stopping. This is because I haven’t figured out how to gracefully stop transfersin boto3